Stories Make an Impact

Why Do Companies Speak in Bullet Points? People don’t get excited by logic. Since the dawn of time, stories have made an impact. Don’t shoot with; your story matters! On this page, you learn all about Storytelling. Or rather, Storyselling, because a story should bring results.

Step into the Spotlight brings the story to life, in order to create value.

  • It’s clear to you and all stakeholders what the organization stands for
  • You find engaged employees
  • Employees stay connected with the organization
  • The target audience chooses your company, not competition
  • The organization holds a position in society

Storytelling vs Storyselling

Storytelling is a Way of telling Stories

It brings a story to life, in a way that resonates with the receiver.

With Storyselling, you use the power of storytelling to attract employees and/or customers. Because a story should bring results. You create a genuine connection of value, making you stand out as well as  relevant to others. You distinguish yourself from competitors and you are seen as the Place to Go in your industry to work for. This results in customers as well as engaged employees.


Storytelling op de Website

Als auteur voor Frankwatching – het marketingcommunicatie platform van Nederland – schreef ik het volgende artikel: Waarom storytelling onmisbaar is voor je ‘over ons’-pagina. In een wereld waar elke onderneming een verhaal te vertellen heeft, onderscheiden de meest memorabele zich door hoe goed ze dat verhaal vertellen.

De ‘Over Ons’ pagina is meer dan alleen een uiteenzetting van feiten en prestaties. Zorg dat jouw naam niet één op één kan worden vervangen door de naam van de concurrent. [De link opent het artikel op in een nieuw scherm.]


Your Story is of Value

Healthy businesses do just one thing right.

They are relevant as well as they create value by bringing the story behind the organization to life.

  • From the inside out – from one strong, authentic story
  • From the outside in – seamlessly connecting with the target audience
  • Very consistently – always and everywhere

An authentic story is worth money. It attracts the right people. Engaged stakeholders and employees help realize your ambition in the next phase of the business. Just like strong brands.



Step into the Spotlight

I believe there is a hidden story behind every business that deserves the spotlight! Step into the Spotlight uses the power of storytelling to make organizations the Place to Go, while increasing their value. A story should deliver results, and your story is worth it.

In my latest role, I workas Global Brand Manager for Nutricia at Danone. In total, I bring 20 years of experience at large international companies, including several years under private equity, supporting their buy & build strategy to life. Want to know more? Read my story.

You’re only one story away.

Annegees van Linge,
Storyteller & Founder Step Into The Spotlight

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