From Storytelling to Storyselling

Step into the Spotlight is here for ambitious companies that want to make an impact. Whether you are a self-employed professional, a start-up, a scale-up, or taking over a company as part of your growth strategy.

You’re only one story away.

Your Business in the Spotlight

Behind every business lies a hidden story. A story that engages, resonates with the target audience, and drives business. Driving business means attracting customers or building an engaged team (by attracting new employees or by getting employees on board during times of change). With your story:

  • Everyone knows what you stand for
  • You become irreplaceable
  • You influence

Schedule a free session and let’s discuss how your business can be in the Spotlight. What’s the value of your story?

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For Self-Employed Professionals who wish to become Visible

You are an expert in your field. You have all the knowledge to serve your target audience. If only they knew you existed.

How do you come across as an authority in your industry. How do you  get on your target audience’s radar? What is your story, and how do you generate revenue with it?

In 5 steps, we go from pitching to selling. I refine your story. You get an authentic and distinctive narrative, so you are remembered and found. Instead of competition.

Step into the Spotlight voor ZZP-ers

Ready for the Next Level

You are a start-up, scale-up, or part of the executive team. There’s no lack of (international) ambition; the world is at your feet. The company is ready for professionalization in a new chapter of the company.

What is needed to bring the dream to life? How do you find the right people in the current tight labor market?

In 5 steps, I translate the story behind the company into a strong brand and bring the ambition to life.

Step into the Spotlight voor Scale-up

Mergers & Acquisitions

You have an acquisition strategy. You’ve just paid a hefty premium or you are about to do so. Alternatively, it’s time to sell the company.

How do you as a buyer, bring the value on paper to life? How do you guide employees and other stakeholders, so they become as enthusiastic as you are?

Deal delivery starts at closure. An acquisition or merger is more than an announcement. Let’s discuss the roadmap to success in order to significantly increase the chances of a successful acquisition or merger.

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For Enterprises with a Story

Step into the Spotlight is here for SMEs. For small and large businesses, but above all for entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to generate more business with their story
  • Are involved in a takeover
  • Want to build the brand behind the enterprise

Is Your Story the Best Kept Secret?

Entrepreneurs often keep their story the best-kept secret; out of modesty, but also because they:

  • Shoot from the hip. Discover your story and claim your position in society
  • Speak in bullet points. Ensure a connection
  • Overwhelm with a flood of information, both literally and figuratively. Ensure relevance

About Step Into The Spotlight

I believe there is a hidden story behind every business that deserves the spotlight! Step into the Spotlight uses the power of storytelling to make organizations the Place to Go, while increasing their value. A story should deliver results, and your story is worth it.

In my latest role, I workas Global Brand Manager for Nutricia at Danone. In total, I bring 20 years of experience at large international companies, including several years under private equity, supporting  their buy & build strategy to life. Want to know more? Read my story.

You’re only one story away.

Annegees van Linge,
Storyteller & Founder Step Into The Spotlight

Annegees van Linge, storyteller en founder Step into the Spotlight