You have all the knowledge and skills, but...

How do you get on your target audience’s radar? You know you are valuable to your target audience, if only they knew you existed. How do you get noticed, and once you’re on the radar, how do you ensure they choose you?

Getting Noticed in the Sea of Sameness

Behind every successful self-employed professional lies a compelling story. A story that captivates, resonates with the target audience, and attracts clients.

How do you get noticed? And once you’re on the radar, how do you tell a story that turns viewers into buyers?

With an authentic story:

  • You know what you stand for
  • You become irreplaceable
  • You influence

Schedule a free session, and we’ll discuss how to put your business in the spotlight. This is an advice, not an offer. Your story deserves it!


For Self-employed Professionals with a Story

Self-employed professionals have all the knowledge and know-how. They are of great value to their customers. If only potential customers would know them. Step into the Spotlight is here for entrepreneurs who wish to:

  • generate more business with their story
  • remain authentic and build the brand behind the company
  • connect with their target audience

Is Your Story the Best Kept Secret?

Self-employed professionals often keep their story the best-kept secret; out of modesty, but also because they:

  • Speak in bullet points. Ensure you make a connection
  • Overwhelm their audience with a flood of information, both literally and figuratively. Ensure you stay relevant
  • Shoot from the hip. Discover your story and claim your position in society

Way of Working: in 5 Steps into the Spotlight

Working together means making your ambition a reality. In 5 steps your company grows in value.

  1. Facts Tell, Stories Sell – What’s your story? Is it distinctive or can you replace your name for any competitor? And how do you tell your story in a way it doesn’t get boring, is easy to be memorized and connects with your audience?
  2. Build a Community – We live in a digital era. Our audience is increasingly aware of privacy and sharing personal data. How do you build a community so it is easy to reach your core audience?
  3. From Eye to Buy – How do you get in the picture of your target audience? Once you’re visible, how do you stay top of mind? And why would a potential customer choose you over competition?
  4. Media Mix – Are you on Instagram because it’s trending? Or just because your competitors are there? Which channel brings YOU the most value? Maybe you benefit more from a megaphone at the market? And once you’ve chosen the channel, what content do you use?
  5. Numbers Tell the Tale – A dashboard with only the numbers that matter. Because a story should yield something. Especially your story, it’s worth it.I write, and you review and reap the benefits. I don’t have a magic wand or a crystal ball. What I do know  from 20 years of marketing communications experience: this is a proven method. On average, a collaboration lasts 3 to 4 months. We’re not done until we’ve gone through all the steps and you have a system in place that you can use endlessly without me.

e-Paper 'More Customers with Your Story'

A good story attracts more clients. You “touch” someone. You tell your story in a way that is memorable, engaging, and retold. That’s storytelling, a way of narrating.

Do you have a good story that deserves the spotlight? Receive the free e-paper “More Clients with Your Story.” Learn more about storytelling and storyselling and how to make an impact with your story.

At this moment the e-Paper is available in Dutch only.

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Free Story Scan

Does your story make an impact? That’s the key question with storytelling. Does your story do what it is supposed to do? After all, a good story should yield results.

Leave your details and receive a personal analysis within 2 business days on the perception of your company. Then decide for yourself if there’s a gap that needs to be bridged.


Digital Training Storytelling for Self-employed Professionals

In the Storytelling training, you will learn to make an impact with your story.

Discover your story:

  • That sets you apart from competitors
  • Short (learn to pitch) and long (learn all about storytelling)
  • To be used anytime and anywhere, from networking events to your About page and social media profiles

You’ll create an authentic story that leaves an unforgettable impression. Start date upon agreement.

Text balloons in yellow background, What you want to say versus What they're interested in.

About Step into the Spotlight

I believe there is a hidden story behind every business that deserves the spotlight! Step into the Spotlight uses the power of storytelling to make organizations the Place to Go, while increasing their value. A story should deliver results, and your story is worth it.

In my latest role, I workas Global Brand Manager for Nutricia at Danone. In total, I bring 20 years of experience at large international companies, including several years under private equity, supporting their buy & build strategy to life. Want to know more? Read my story.

You’re only one story away.

Annegees van Linge,
Storyteller & Founder Step Into The Spotlight

Annegees van Linge, storyteller en founder Step into the Spotlight