You are Ready to take the Company to the Next Level, but...

How do you find the right people in the today’s current tight labor market? How do you prepare the company for the next step?


Employer Branding - Why work for your company?

A tight labor market. Your employees can work anywhere. How do you get noticed by the right people? How do you make sure they want to work for you and not for competition?


Employer branding is the process of promoting your company as the preferred employer to a desired target group. The people the company wants to attract and retain. Going through this process, you:

  • Know what you stand for
  • Become irreplaceable
  • Influence

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I provide various custom incompany training sessions and workshops, for example:

  • Storytelling for Executives and Managers: How to engage employees so they take action driven by intrinsic motivation.
  • Social Storytelling: Translate the organization’s story to social media and never run out of posts again.
  • Storytelling for Employees: Teach employees to tell the organization’s story and turn them into ambassadors for the organization.
Workshop I

Free Story Scan

Does your story make an impact? That’s the key question with storytelling. Does your story do what it is supposed to do? After all, a good story should yield results.

Leave your details and receive a personal analysis within 2 business days on the perception of your company. Then decide for yourself if there’s a gap that needs to be bridged.


A Role in Society

We increasingly not only look at the government, but also at companies. What does the company do for society.

I believe in the power of the 3 Ps: People, Profit, and Planet. Together, we will discover how your company can play a meaningful societal role without falling into the trap of greenwashing. It’s about being authentic, sustainable changes that both increase profitability and contribute to the well-being of people and planet.

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Maatschappelijke rol people profit planet

For Companies with Growth Ambition

Step into the Spotlight is here for SMEs. For small and large businesses, but above all for entrepreneurs who wish to:

  • generate more business with their story
  • remain authentic and build the brand behind the company
  • connect with their target audience

Is Your Story the Best Kept Secret?

Entrepreneurs often keep their story the best-kept secret; out of modesty, but also because they:

  • Speak in bullet points. Ensure a connection
  • Overwhelm with a flood of information, both literally and figuratively. Ensure relevance
  • Shoot from the hip. Discover your story and claim your position in society

About Step into the Spotlight

I believe there is a hidden story behind every business that deserves the spotlight! Step into the Spotlight uses the power of storytelling to make organizations the Place to Go, while increasing their value. A story should deliver results, and your story is worth it.

In my latest role, I workas Global Brand Manager for Nutricia at Danone. In total, I bring 20 years of experience at large international companies, including several years under private equity, supporting their buy & build strategy to life. Want to know more? Read my story.

You’re only one story away.

Annegees van Linge,
Storyteller & Founder Step Into The Spotlight

Annegees van Linge, storyteller en founder Step into the Spotlight