All M&A Processes start with the Best of Intentions, But...

How do you create ownership among employees and other stakeholders to quickly convert operational and commercial synergies on paper into added value and repayment of the premium?

<20% M&A Processes Succeed

Less than 20% of M&A processes—Mergers & Acquisitions—are considered a strategic, financial, and operational success, at least according to various reports from KPMG, PWC, and Dealroom. Additionally, 62% of them (PWC) have an integration plan in place.

Delivering deal value goes beyond the terminology of operational and commercial synergies. How do you create ownership among employees and other stakeholders to succesfully integrate business and bring the value on paper to life?

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People are the Greatest Asset

Every acquisition, big or small, brings change. And every change roughly elicits one of four initial reactions:

  • Reject – ridiculous idea
  • Wait and see – let’s see what happens next
  • Acceptance – OK; fine
  • Engage – what an opportunity!

It’s your dream. The dream of the buyer or seller. Not of the employees who have been loyally performing their tasks for years. Guide people and create ownership. So that those around you become just as enthusiastic as you are, driven by intrinsic motivation.

Mensen zijn grootste asset

Objective First 100 Days

The goal of the ‘First 100 Days’ is to engage people, so they support the deal and actively contribute to the intended success, accelerating and increasing the chances of success.

You can influence perception to retain employees and customers, while boosting production and revenue.

Create Ownership

Ensure that people understand the company’s direction. This way, employees and customers won’t leave. You can be sure that the competition is stand by.

Roadmap to Succes

Deal Delivery starts on the day of closure. Make sure you have a plan ready. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of failure.

Start preparation after or even before completing due diligence. At least a few weeks before closing the deal.

Communicate the merger or acquisition to key stakeholders.
With the announcement, begin the first 100-day plan. Share milestones and results, monitor progress, and adjust accordingly.

Continue to engage people to create ownership and prepare those involved for the next chapter of the company.

Schedule an appointment to discuss what Step into the Spotlight can do for your company.

M&A Roadmap to Success

For Enterprises with a Story

Step into the Spotlight is here for SMEs. For small and large enterprises, but above all for entrepreneurs who:

  • Wish to generate more business with their story
  • Are involved in a M&A (Mergers & Acquisition)
  • Want to build the brand behind the enterprise

Is Your Story the Best Kept Secret?

Entrepreneurs often keep their story the best-kept secret; out of modesty, but also because they:

  • Shoot from the hip. Discover your story and claim your position in society
  • Speak in bullet points. Ensure a connection
  • Overwhelm with a flood of information, both literally and figuratively. Ensure relevance

About Step into the Spotlight


I believe there is a hidden story behind every business that deserves the spotlight! Step into the Spotlight uses the power of storytelling to make organizations the Place to Go, while increasing their value. A story should deliver results, and your story is worth it.

In my latest role, I workas Global Brand Manager for Nutricia at Danone. In total, I bring 20 years of experience at large international companies, including several years under private equity, supporting their buy & build strategy to life. Want to know more? Read my story.

You’re only one story away.

Annegees van Linge,
Storyteller & Founder Step Into The Spotlight

Annegees van Linge, storyteller en founder Step into the Spotlight