My story

A successful career in international marketing led me to my final role at Danone as Global Brand Manager Nutricia. Proud of my career and as ambitious as I am, I want more. Not within the confines of corporate company norms, but back to my story, my own business.

“I live my own story, not the story that is expected.”

Annegees van Linge, Storyteller & Founder of Step into the Spotlight

Keywords: Results-oriented, pragmatic, driven

Annegees van Linge, storyteller en founder Step into the Spotlight

On a mission

Step into the Spotlight helps business owners to get their story out, so they get noticed in the sea of sameness and are seen as the Place to Go to attract more customers.

“The story already exists. I simply remove the unnecessary words.”

Drawing from Michelangelo’s quote: “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” I unravel entrepreneurs’ stories, helping them understand what to say and how to become visible with their story, attracting more customers to their business.

Vuurtoren op gele achtergrond.

Stories, the Constant in My Life

  • From being read to, to learning to read;
  • From the University of Utrecht for my Liberal Arts degree (with a fascination for psycholinguistics – processing language in the brain) to a semester international marketing at Monash University, Melbourne, and experiencing and crafting stories while traveling;
  • From telling corporate stories to telling my own story through entrepreneurship.
Step into the Spo

Whats your story

Jouw verhaal in de spotlight? Maak vrijblijvend een afspraak. In een kennismakingsgesprek hoor ik graag jouw verhaal en wat je al hebt gedaan om dat naar buiten te brengen. Waar struikel je? Ik leg uit hoe je de rode loper weer glad strijkt. Ben je daarmee geholpen? Die spotlight heb je verdiend. Op zoek naar volle zalen? Dan praten we verder over Step into the Spotlight.

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