My Story

A successful career in international marketing led me to my final role at Danone as Global Brand Manager Nutricia. Proud of my career and as ambitious as I am, I want more. Not within the confines of corporate company norms, but back to my story, my own business.

“I live my own story, not the story that is expected.”

Annegees van Linge, Storyteller & Founder of Step into the Spotlight

Keywords: Results-oriented, pragmatic, driven

Annegees van Linge, storyteller en founder Step into the Spotlight

On a Mission

I believe there is a great story behind every company.

Step into the Spotlight uses the power of stories to connect people, so ambitions come to life and the company increases in value.

“People are the company’s most important asset.”

I unravel corporate stories, helping companies to not only make people listen, but also make them feel engaged and involved. A story that is visible in the sea of sameness, attracting customers and employees. You create a movement with people who wish to be part of your ride through life.

Vuurtoren op gele achtergrond.


Annegees van Linge translates 20 years experience …

  • in branding & marketing communications
  • mergers & acquisitions communications
  • at agency side & with strong brands
  • at corporate EMEA / Global level

… to a Spotlight for ambitious companies.

  • Learned PR (Public Relations) at Charly (LVT PR at the time)
  • PR C-Suite, Crisis Comms and media product introductions in Europe for LG Electronics and Canon
  • Corp. Comms at Mediq, listed at the time and taken over by  Private Equity. The team built a new identity and transformed Mediq from a Dutch pharmacy chain into an international healthcare company. Support buy & build strategy.
  • Global Brand Manager Nutricia bij Danone
CV werkervaring

Little Red Cap

To whom is Little Red Cap heading? A stupid question and I’m annoyed as I get this questoin working at the corporate communications department of Mediq. Mediq has just been taken over by private equity and my work load is longer then my normal working hours.

At the same time, it is an intriguing question. Why can I provide the answer in a split second? Little Red Cap is a great example of storytelling.

A great story connects with the audience. Especially when companies enter a new growth phase, so:

  • Employees are not only informed but also involved
  • It is clear to all external stakeholders what the organisation stands for
  • The company is ready for the next chapter
Step into the Spotlight

Stories, the Constant Factor in My Life

As soon as I can walk, I head outside. I visit the neighbors to have a chat. My mother goes crazy because of me. The whole street always knows pretty much everything about our family.

  • From being read to, to learning to read;
  • From the University of Utrecht for my Liberal Arts degree (with a fascination for psycholinguistics – processing language in the brain) to a semester international marketing at Monash University, Melbourne, and experiencing and crafting stories while traveling;
  • From telling corporate stories to telling my own story through entrepreneurship.

Image: the magic of grandma reading stories

Step into the Spotlight

In the Media

For Frankwatching, I write about storytelling. Read here “Motivate and Activate Your Employees with Storytelling.” And here about using your story on the About page of your website. Articles are in Dutch only.

Listen to my interview “Bullet Points or Stories, What Do You Choose?” About where I come from and the power of stories. The interview is part of the Kr8stroom podcast series by Karen Carton “From Education to Self-Empowerment.”


What's Your Story

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