Facts Tell; Stories Sell

Stories Connect in the New Chapter of Your Company

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The attention span of a human being is shorter than a goldfish

In the digital era it has never been so easy to get a story out. At the same time it has never been so difficult to connect. People are no longer attracted to bullet points.

Your Story has a Value

Put people in motion with an authentic story, so they come to you, want to work for you and stay involved; supporting the company’s growth phase.

Step into the Spotlight brings the story behind the organization to life, supporting the ambition so the company increases in value.

For Enterprises with a Story

Step into the Spotlight is here for SMEs. For small and large businesses, but above all for entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to generate more business with their story
  • Are involved in a takeover
  • Want to build the brand behind the enterprise

Is Your Story the Best Kept Secret?

Entrepreneurs often keep their story the best-kept secret; out of modesty, but also because they:

  • Shoot from the hip. Discover your story and claim your position in society
  • Speak in bullet points. Ensure a connection
  • Overwhelm with a flood of information, both literally and figuratively. Ensure relevance

For Ambitious Enterprises

You are ready for the next growth phase. A new chapter, possibly through an acquisition. Step into the Spotlight is here for ambitious entrepreneurs, because I am one myself. In every phase, I know from personal experience exactly what is needed to take the next step.

Step into the Spotlight voor ZZP-ers

You are an expert in your field, but how do you reach your target audience? What is your story, and how do you generate revenue from it?

Step into the Spotlight voor Scale-up

The Next Phase
There is no lack of (international) ambition; the world is at your feet. You are ready for professionalization. How do you turn your business into a strong brand?

Step into the Spotlight M&A Mergers & Acquisitions Overnames en Fusies

Mergers & Acquisitions
Growing through acquisition. Deal delivery is more than just announcing an acquisition. How do you engage employees and customers and increase chances of success?


Step into the Spotlight uses storytelling. Or storyselling, because a story should yield something. I use your story so that you:

  • Stand out in the sea of sameness
  • Are visible and well remembered as the place to go
  • Attract the right people

Don’t speak in bullet points. Achieve your business ambitions. Put people in motion with an authentic story. Not a fairy tale, but a story that fits the reality of today and gives you a role in society.


Creating Value

A healthy business does just one thing. It is relevant. They create value by bringing the story behind the organization to life.

  • From the inside out – through one strong, authentic story
  • From the outside in – a seamless connection with the target audience
  • Very consistently – always and everywhere

An authentic story is worth money. It attracts the right people. Engaged stakeholders and employees help realize your ambition in the next phase of the business.

Step into the Spotlight Wat jij wilt zeggen en wat anderen willen horen

About Step Into The Spotlight

In the digital era it has never been so easy to get a story out. Customers spend more time than ever on social media and companies use these channels free of charge. But… that’s what’s everybody is doing. As a consequence it has never been so difficult to get noticed.

“I translate my 20 years’ experience with large international companies to my program ‘Step into the Spotlight’.”

There is a story behind every entrepreneur that deserves a Spotlight. A story can yield to something and your story is worth it.

You’re only one story away.

Annegees van Linge,
Storyteller & Founder Step Into The Spotlight

Annegees van Linge, storyteller en founder Step into the Spotlight

As a photograher I focus on images, however the story behind the image is as important. Annegees helped to craft my story. Personally and with the right tone of voice. The result is concrete and ready to use on my website and socials. Not only very useful but also great fun to collaborate in the process. Do you wish to get to the point? I definitely recommend to connect with Annegees!

Sjaak den Breeje
Sjaak den Breeje Natuurfotografie

Annegees gave our senior management 3 easy tools to tell the Heijmans story to their teams. Now they can bring the story in a personal and enthousiastic way including examples. Annegees listened carefully to our wishes. She nailed it with an accessible and concrete exercise that fits our company.

Toinja van Daal
Communicatiemanager Heijmans

Now I got a concrete story I can work with. I know what I stand for and professionalize my position in the market.

Arno Peters
General Manager AMT Werkt

Step into the Spotlight sharpens the story and audience, ready for us to target a new customer segement.

Tim Merks
Owner VerheesPlus reclame

It’s really pleasant working with  Annegees. Through her way of working I have more insight in data, enabling me to take data driven marketing decisions and how to attract more customers.

Gisela Timmermans
Team YU Care

We’re ready to launch Order Lemon. Annegees quickly gets to the point and translates the story to website, flyer and poster.

Diederick Splinter
Sales Manager Fabulor | Order Lemon

What’s your story

Your story in the spotlight? Please make a no-obligation appointment. I’d love to hear your story and what you’ve done so far to get your story out. Where do you trip? I’ll smoothen the red carpet. Happy? That’s the spotlight you deserve. Looking for the crowd? Let’s talk about Step into the Spotlight.

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